TMJ Treatment in San Antonio, Texas

Misaligned jaw can result in TMJ headaches for patients in San Antonio and Shavano Park.TMD (temporomandibular disorders) are problems associated with the temporomandibular joint, which is why they are commonly referred to as TMJ disorders or TMJ syndrome. Many disorders involving TMJ are hard to diagnose completely because exact causes are unknown.

The TMJ (temporomandibular joint) is the area where your lower jaw connects to your head. When you move your lower jaw up and down, the TMJ is sliding along a disc to allow that movement to be smooth. Although trauma can cause TMD, in many cases it can start without any injury at all. Other symptoms could come from arthritis that affects the TMJ or problems with the jaw muscle or TMJ disk.

Although TMD is more complicated to diagnose, there are symptoms typical of many TMJ disorders. These symptoms can include:

    Smiling girl gets TMJ treatment in Shavano Park for her TMD.
  • Inability to fully open your jaw
  • Jaw feels locked or gets stuck if opened fully
  • Pain while chewing or speaking, sometimes extending to areas around your ear, neck or shoulders
  • Chronic headaches
  • Painful popping or clicking when the jaw is opened wide
  • A change in the way your lower and upper teeth fit together

To ease problems of TMD, a simple TMJ treatment consist of eating soft foods and avoiding large jaw movements such as wide yawns or gum chewing. Applying ice packs or learning relaxation techniques can also alleviate symptoms.

Because symptoms of TMD are similar to other oral problems, if you are experiencing any form of the above-mentioned symptoms or any other problems with your jaw and joints, ask our office in San Antonio, Texas.

San Antonio dentist Dr. William Stewart provides a thorough exam – carefully considering your situation to address all of your questions and concerns. TMJ treatment is given on a personal basis, depending on your severity and range of options.

If you’re in need of immediate relief, ask about our dental laser pain therapy. Dr. Stewart is able to use the Biolase Epic X dental laser as a therapeutic device to temporarily increase your blood circulation and relax your muscles, allowing for a short term relief of pain.

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