Comprehensive Family and General Dentistry in San Antonio

dental hygiene and tooth extraction family dentistry services with a San Antonio dentistIn addition to providing superior cosmetic dentistry services, William J. Stewart Jr. DDS has a wide range of general dentistry options for the whole family. Why visit multiple San Antonio dentists when you can have all your dental needs met by Dr. William Stewart?

If you are looking for compassionate family dentistry that provides stunning results, contact us today. We believe that dental hygiene is the first step towards a beautiful smile. We work hard to ensure each patient has optimum oral health.

Besides the cosmetic and restorative dental procedures we offer, our general and family dentistry services include (among many others):

Dental Cleanings

To maintain good dental hygiene, the two basic dentist reminders still apply: Brush your teeth three times a day (or after every meal) and floss every day. These simple habits may not seem like much, but they provide the first line of defense against dental hygiene issues like gum disease and tooth decay. They also prevent the need for costlier cosmetic and restorative dentistry procedures later in life. A second line of defense is also needed because bacteria, plaque and calculus still will build up. Regular dental cleanings with one of our dental hygienists here in San Antonio provide that second line of defense and will help you achieve and maintain good oral health.

Fillings (including Tooth Colored Fillings)

This type of general dentistry procedure is used when a tooth has a cavity. A filling can return structure and stability to a tooth while helping to alleviate tooth pain.

Tooth Extraction Services

We will always try to do what we can to save a tooth, but sometimes a tooth extraction is the only option. We often perform tooth extractions on patients who have a tooth that is too far decayed for a root canal or cosmetic dental treatment. Many of our family dentistry patients come to us for wisdom tooth extraction. This is a fairly standard procedure and can be discussed at your general dentistry exam.


If you would like to improve your dental hygiene, contact us today for a general dentistry consultation. We proudly offer comprehensive family dentistry to the San Antonio and Shavano Park area. Whether you need a tooth extraction or just a thorough dental cleaning, Dr. William Stewart can give you the professional, effective care you’ve come to expect from our cosmetic and family dentistry practice.