Sleep Dentistry At William J. Stewart Jr. DDS

Dental visits can be extremely stressful and for some Texas residents, the fear and anxiety associated with a trip to the dentist prevents them from getting the care they need. At William J. Stewart Jr. DDS we provide the best oral sedation dentistry available. We will accommodate your needs with minimal, moderate, or deep sedation.

Don’t let dental dread keep you from achieving a perfect smile.

According to a national survey by the American Dental Association, Crest, and Oral B, the smile is the number one physical trait. Don’t let your smile go unnoticed.

In addition to sedation dentistry, at William J. Stewart Jr. DDS we offer our San Antonio patients a variety of procedures, including sedation dentistry, dental crowns, root canals, teeth whitening, and clear braces.

At William J. Stewart Jr. DDS, our professional staff will provide the best possible care for you and your family. Whether you need preventive care or cosmetic dentistry, the patient-centered and detail oriented team at William J. Stewart Jr. DDS will give you something to smile about!

For more information on oral sedation dentistry or any other dental procedure, contact us at 210-428-6535.

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