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On April 7, 2017, in Root Canals, by Stewart Costmetic Dentistry

San Antonio Endodontics Have you ever heard the phrase “I’d rather have a root canal” to describe something painful or unpleasant? At William J. Stewart Jr. DDS, we perform root canal (endodontic) therapy routinely for our San Antonio dentistry patients and many report minimal discomfort.

San Antonio root canal procedures have advanced significantly in recent years. For many Texas root canal patients, the procedure is no worse than getting a filling from your William J. Stewart Jr. DDS dental professional.

At William J. Stewart Jr. DDS, our goal is to help our Shavano Park, Leon Springs, and Beorne root canal patients avoid the necessity of endodontic treatment by providing important dental care. However, if root canal therapy is necessary to preserve a tooth for one of our greater San Antonio area root canal patients, we provide the most advanced San Antonio endodontic treatment in Texas

How do you know if you need a root canal? You should meet with your William J. Stewart Jr. DDS dental professional immediately if you experience tenderness or pain, hot or cold sensitivity, tooth discoloration, tooth injury, gum swelling, gum pain, or lymph node tenderness or drainage. However, for some San Antonio endodontic patients, there are no symptoms. That is why it is critical to visit your local San Antonio endodontic dentist regularly for a thorough dental examination and dental cleaning.

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Saving Teeth in San Antonio

On March 22, 2013, in Root Canals, by Stewart Costmetic Dentistry

Root Canals Save Teeth in San Antonio When a tooth is threatened by severe decay, periodontal disease, or damage from an injury, a skilled San Antonio dentist or endodontist must make a judgment call concerning the course of treatment. If the pulp of the tooth is infected or inflamed, a root canal is often the only way to save the tooth.

During a root canal procedure (or endodontic treatment) the soft tissue in the root of the tooth is removed. This tissue contains veins, arteries and lymph vessels. Once the roots are cleaned out and widened, they are filled with a special rubber material. The root canal is only the first step in the complete tooth restoration. After the root canal, without a crown, the tooth will become dry and brittle. The final steps are the core build up and dental crown.

At William J. Stewart Jr. DDS, we fabricate strong, natural-looking crowns that blend perfectly with the surrounding teeth. With proper oral hygiene and regular visits to a San Antonio dentist, a tooth with a filled root can often function problem-free for the rest of a patient’s life.

I am Dr. William Stewart DDS. I have been practicing dentistry since 1981. During that time I have seen hundreds of teeth saved by this effective dental procedure. Root canal therapy at William J. Stewart Jr. DDS in San Antonio has a very high success rate.

Because teeth with infected pulp tissue often cause no symptoms, it is important to have regular dental examinations. I can determine which (if any) teeth have infected roots. If the infection in the soft pulp tissue is left untreated, it can progress to a point where the tooth cannot be saved. Is it time for a thorough dental exam? Call our office at 210-493-3040.

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