Teeth Whitening

Professional Tooth Whitening in San Antonio

Teeth Whitening San Antonio with Shavano Park tooth whitening dentist Dr. Williams StewartHAVING A WHITE SMILE has become a very important part of overall oral care. Tooth whitening is a non-evasive and easy way to obtain a brighter, whiter smile—leading to a more confident feeling.

Over time, your teeth change due to food, drink, or medication. Combined with things like genetics or trauma, teeth can change from their original color. Every teeth whitening procedure helps to reverse the discoloration to teeth from one or more of these factors.

Since everyone’s teeth are genetically diverse, and over time have experienced different factors, San Antonio dentist Dr. Stewart can recommend a tooth whitening procedure and timeline that will work best for you.

Professional tooth whitening through Dr. Stewart’s office in San Antonio, Texas is a simple procedure. In an initial appointment a mold will be taken of your teeth. This impression will be used to make clear plastic trays specifically designed for your mouth – assuring comfort during the teeth whitening process. After your trays are engineered you’ll have another fitting where any final adjustments can be made. From that point, your teeth whitening can be done at home, allowing for maximum convenience.

Each March through June, Dr. Stewart proudly participates in the Smiles For Life campaign during which 100% of the proceeds from teeth whitening procedures will go to children’s charities, including right here in the San Antonio, Texas area.


If you have any further questions about teeth whitening, feel free to contact us at our San Antonio office or fill out the form on our website.